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Office of Audit, Risk, and Compliance

Enabling Informed Decisions

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    Learn about the different types of audits, how to best prepare for one, and how to maintain compliance in your work.

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    Understand your role in the risk landscape at Virginia Tech and explore university leadership's role in risk mitigation.

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    Explore resources for ensuring compliance and understand OARC's role as a faciliator in compliance efforts at Virginia Tech.

Hokie Hotline

Report a concern and help contribute to an ethical and compliant workplace.

The Office of Audit, Risk, and Compliance is charged by both the Board of Visitors and University Policy
Our Mission   |   Board Charter  |   Audit Charter

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Protected & Connected

OARC protects the university by independently and objectively identifying business risks and connects with key leaders and stakeholders to evaluate risk-mitigation strategies.


A dedicated team of professionals comprised of varied skills to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting for the university community. Learn more about our office and work:  |  (540) 231-5883  |  North End Center, Suite 3200, Virginia Tech · MC 0328  |  Blacksburg, Virginia