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Report Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Noncompliance


Virginia Tech is committed to creating an environment that promotes responsible and ethical behavior.  The unethical behavior of just one campus community member can detract from the outstanding contributions of thousands. In setting these standards, we expect all members of the campus community to comply with applicable laws, regulations, contractual obligations, and university policies.

To that end, the university does not tolerate willful violations of law; the theft, waste, or abuse of resources; acts that endanger the health or safety of the campus community; the mismanagement of funds; or the abuse of authority.  Employees are expected to report compliance concerns, at the earliest possible opportunity, by contacting their supervisor, a relevant office, the Office of Audit, Risk, and Compliance, or making a report to an appropriate hotline.  To truly protect the university, we need all Hokies to Speak Up if they see or suspect wrongdoing.

More information regarding university community’s responsibility for reporting suspected fraud, waste, and abuse and the investigative process can be found in university policy 1040.  


All allegations are treated seriously and reviewed to the extent allowed by the quality of the information provided and evidence available.


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What can you do to prevent fraud, waste, abuse, or noncompliance?

  1. Set the right tone where compliance with rules and policies is expected.
  2. Separate key processes to ensure no one person can ‘do it all’.
  3. Provide training and education your staff on the rules and their responsibilities.
  4. Protect sensitive data/systems.
  5. Keep an open and safe line of communications where concerns can be brought forward.
  1. An attitude of that allows for the “bending the rules’ or ‘make it work’.
  2. Sudden behavioral changes of an employee.
  3. An instance that only one employee can be the point person for a transaction or communication with another party.
  4. A close relationship with a vendor/contractor that could influence decisions.
  5. Consistently missing or improperly completed documents (receipts, invoices, etc.)
  6. Unreconciled accounts or only a high-level summary provided for review.
  7. Lack of proper authorization for transactions.

What do you do if you have a suspicion? SPEAK UP! You are Virginia Tech’s greatest resource to prevent and detect wrongdoing.



For reporting options regarding other concerns, please see the additional resources and contacts below:

Virginia Tech Police Department
To report criminal activity and/or suspicious behavior, as well as safety issues.
540-231-6411 (non-emergency)
*for emergencies, please dial 911

Office of Equity and Accessibility
To report concerns regarding discrimination, harassment, Title IX, or the Violence Against Women Act.

Cook Counseling Center
To report concerns regarding self-harm or suicide.

Women's Center
To seek support regarding gender-based violence.

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